Makeup mogul Aliesha Bree always knew that her destiny would be fulfilled far beyond cookie cutter makeup artistry. Hailing from Lake Charles, LA, Aliesha gained initial experience working as a freelance artist and later moved on to managing cosmetic brands. 

Her consistent bold approach and relentless desire to create beauty outside of the norm have landed her gigs with major record labels and large corporate companies. Her talent has provided opportunities to travel for projects in Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Havana, Cuba and more. 

Aliesha is passionate about continuously improving her skills and is always seeking international inspirations. She has a heart for developing and fostering other artists, helping to elevate industry standards as a whole. From conception to execution, Aliesha Bree is a master craftswoman with a keen eye for composition, color theory and deconstructed textures. 

Her work can be seen in commercial advertising, in partnership with brand influencers, and in music, television, and movie productions.